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We provide medical students with comprehensive training and practical experience with dedicated supervision. Develop your clinical and patience care skills with an elective at one of the ForHealth medical centres across Australia.

Your benefits include:
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    Experienced and enthusiastic supervisors

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    Access to top health practitioners and practice staff

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    70+ medical centres across Australia with a full range of health services

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    Extensive online training, on-site learning and educational resources

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    Frequent up-to-date presentations from leaders in the medical field In partnership with major medical schools across Australia

Want to learn more about the Medical Student Program?

Karan Spink

Medical Registrar & Medical Student Program Manager

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Dr Sudhish Sudhan

“GPs play a vital role in everyone’s life from birth to death. As we go through the worst global crisis due to the Covid pandemic, people look up to their trusted GP to guide them in the right direction.”

Dr Sudhish Sudhan

Craigieburn Medical & Dental Centre