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GPs operate their own busy business as independent contractors so to support this, there will be a unique GP wellbeing service

A variety of resources will be offered via a combination of an online platform and in-person practice meetings. We have utilised the latest evidence, and reviewed resources in developing this optional service, and are hopeful that these will be beneficial to you. Of course, given you run your own practice, GPs will not be compelled to utilise these services, they are simply offered to you as a resource if you desire.

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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come over the next 12 months…

GP Wellbeing Mindful Medics

Mindful Medics

An evidence based resource developed by Dr. Reena Kotecha – courses, webinars, videos & mindfulness exercises focused on doctor wellbeing.
GP Wellbeing Physical Wellbeing Resources

Physical Wellbeing Resources

Resources on physical wellbeing, including physical activity trackers, access to discounted gym memberships and online classes which fit around your workday, and offer a range of exercise options to suit a variety of fitness levels.

GP Wellbeing Financial Updates

Financial Updates

Optional financial updates, specific to general practitioners, including bulletins on the latest financial changes, videos and webinars to keep you up to date on what’s financially relevant as a GP.

Dr Sneha Wadhwani

“For Health embraces diversity and innovation as it places patient care and clinical standards at the heart of its purpose. In cultivating and developing clinical leadership as a key driver in this, it offers more than a vocation but rather a movement I am excited and proud to be part of.”

Dr Sneha Wadhwani

Regional Clinical Director for NSW