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Continuing Professional Development

We support independent GPs with ongoing access to professional development with accredited training and extensive resources. This helps you to deliver quality lifetime care for your patients.

Your benefits include:
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    Interactive workshops and training sessions so you can learn and share your knowledge with your colleagues from across Australia

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    Access to peer articles, training videos and discussion forums

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    Free digital resources and free (mostly) training sessions. So save money on your professional development obligations

For enquiries, please contact

Andrea Vlores

Medical Registrar & Medical Student Program Manager

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Dr Omi Jindale

“This is an exciting time for me to be a part of the vision for delivering healthcare services at medical centres. I look forward to seeing the integration of the latest technology with the passion for quality patient care. I would definitely say this is the time to work together for a healthier Australia.”

Dr Omi Jindale

Toowoomba Medical & Dental Centre