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We offer a unique GP wellbeing service

We have utilised and reviewed the latest available evidence and subject matter to develop a wide range of resources encompassing various aspects of wellbeing. These resources will be available via multiple platforms including virtual and in-person practice meetings.

This wellbeing service is available to all GPs within the ForHealth network and can be accessed independently as needed.

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Psychological Wellbeing, Mindfulness & Stress

We have collaborated with doctors and psychologists who specialise in mindfulness and stress management to develop our GP Wellbeing program. This program offers wellbeing webinars and helpful tools to manage stress and reduce your risk of burnout.

GP Wellbeing Physical Wellbeing Resources

Physical Wellbeing: Get Active

Finding time and motivation to exercise before or after a day of complex consultations can be challenging. Some global studies have shown that up to 4 out of 5 doctors don’t exercise enough. And as preventive care professionals, we know exercise is critical for our physical and psychological wellbeing. Get active with the help of these free and flexible online resources.

GP Wellbeing Financial Updates

Financial Wellbeing

Navwealth Financial Services has provided financial advice to GPs for over 25 years. With a solid understanding of the nuances of being a contractor of health services, they have created a dedicated resource for GPs practising at ForHealth.

Medico legal wellbeing

Medico-legal Wellbeing

Clinical practice can be stressful. There are complex patient needs, high patient expectations and the ongoing impact of COVID-19 (to name just a few stressors). As a result, the risk of medico-legal issues has significantly increased. So we have collaborated with Avant to provide resources for GPs to help address common medico-legal issues. Click here for helpful resources for medico-legal wellbeing.



Up to 1 in 9 GPs reported regular feelings of burnout in a 2021 study. Burnout can include feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from your job, feelings of negativism or cynicism and reduced professional efficacy. Burnout can impact your clinical satisfaction, patient relationships as well as your life outside of the practice. For a helpful self-assessment tool ...

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GP Support

For a helpful list of GP Support including 24/7 support …

Dr Sneha Wadhwani

"For Health embraces diversity and innovation as it places patient care and clinical standards at the heart of its purpose. In cultivating and developing clinical leadership as a key driver in this, it offers more than a vocation but rather a movement I am excited and proud to be part of."

Dr Sneha Wadhwani

Head of GP Wellbeing & Women's Health
Regional Clinical Director for NSW